Specialist Matrimonial and Family Law Solicitors

As specialist matrimonial and family law solicitors, we have considerable experience in negotiation, litigation, and resolution in all aspects of family disputes, including:

  • Divorce, Judicial Separation and Religious Divorce

  • Jurisdiction Issues

  • Division of Assets and Finances in divorce

  • Financial Remedy Proceedings in divorce

  • Injunctions

  • Property Disputes for Cohabiting Couples

  • TOLATA Proceedings

  • Spousal and Child Maintenance

  • Child Arrangement Orders and Residence Issues

  • Domestic Violence Case and Injunctions

  • Living Together and Separation Agreements

  • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

At Seymour + Solicitors we see our role as both guide and advocate, helping you to understand all that takes place during what can be an emotional and often stressful period whilst at the same time providing the advice you need to explore your options and make informed decisions on how to progress your matter. We are here to protect you, your interests and obtain the best outcome in your particular circumstance whether it be via negotiation or litigation. 

Because there is no set formula for the division of income and assets in England & Wales, and as no two cases are the same, the need for litigation quite often arises. The trial judge has a wide discretion to redistribute matrimonial, as well as non matrimonial property, irrespective of source or strict legal ownership. This is achieved by the three fundamental principles of Needs, Sharing and Compensation. Therefore, if litigation does become necessary you need Seymours + Solicitors on your side to fight and protect your best interests to ensure a fair and just outcome.